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All photography by the art dept USA

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The art dept USA

Duval signageThis backlit, point-of-purchase display can be seen at the corner of Duval St. in Key West, FL.

Bright and colorful during the day, it draws crowds to this outdoor kioskat night as well. Clearly a place where visual impact is important, Fury Catamarans depends on the high visibility of this sign to bring people infor the sale.

 Marathon Airport ATM signClick to see larger image.

This 4 ft x 7 ft ATM sign is located at the Marathon Airport on MarathonKey, FL.

It is a combination of photos, graphics and text seamlessly integrated to attact attention.

It is on the back of a freestanding ATM; it is laminated and framed on hinges. It will not fade.

 Shell Station signClick to see larger image.

Shell gas station promo for their morning coffee special. The photographywas shot exclusively for Shell and their logo was integrated into the photography.

 tradeshow boothClick to see larger image.

Photographed for the customer, it was used as the 6 ft x 6 ft backdropfor a tradeshow booth.

It was encapsulated in 5/5 mil laminate and Velcro attatchment to framework.The digital print can be easily rolled up for transport.

Capt Rich Hellmuth, of Strikefighter, is based in Islamorada,FL and specializes in big game fishing in the Bahamas and New England.

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